When Cameron was fifteen, Sonia was her best friend—no one could come between them. Now Cameron is a twenty-nine-year-old research assistant with no meaningful ties to anyone except her aging boss, noted historian Oliver Doucet.

When an unexpected letter arrives from Sonia ten years after the incident that ended their friendship, Cameron doesn’t reply, despite Oliver’s urging. But then he passes away, and Cameron discovers that he has left her with one final task: to track Sonia down and hand deliver a mysterious package to her. Now without a job, a home, and a purpose, Cameron decides to honor this request, setting off on the road to find this stranger who was once her inseparable other half.

the Myth of You & Me is the story of Cameron and Sonia’s friendship—as intense as any love affair—and its dramatic demise, capturing the universal sense of loss and nostalgia that often lingers after the end of an important relationship. Searingly honest, beautiful, and full of fragile urgency, The Myth of You and Me is a universal celebration and portrait of a friendship that will appeal to anyone who still feels the absence of that first true friend.




PRAISE FOR the Myth of You & Me

“Stewart peers into the complicated heart of friendship in a moving second novel . . . The book is heartfelt and its characters believable jigsaw puzzles of insecurities, talents, and secrets."  
—Publishers Weekly

“Leah Stewart captures, as few other writers do, the passions and pains and pleasures of friendship. Anyone who has ever lost or found a friend will respond to this beautifully written and suspenseful novel.”
—Margot Livesey, author of The Flight of Gemma Hardy

“In the end, readers will be left with Stewart's graceful teaching of this ultimate truth: you can never leave behind someone who has touched your life so profoundly.”

the Myth of You and Me deftly exposes the passionate and particular bonds of female friendship, from adolescence to adulthood. Poignant, fierce, and compelling, this is a story all women will recognize, and one all too rarely told.”
—Claire Messud, author of The Emperor's Children and The Woman Upstairs

“Incandescently beautiful passages about the challenges awaiting young women as they come of age . . . The story, filled with secrets and treasures, is a well-executed, compelling look at attraction, love, and trust.” 
—Library Journal

“A smart, exceedingly well-written story about the mysteries at the heart of even the most intimate friendships between women. You’ll be reading into the wee hours.”

“Stewart uses an honest and effective narrative style . . . the Myth of You and Me is a bold and compassionate novel. Her utterly believable portrayal of friendship unflinchingly illustrates the harsh ugliness of betrayal and love's power to transform and define us.” 
—The Journal-Standard

“Stewart's writing is sharp and observant, making this tale of the complexities of friendship affecting and genuine.” 
—Booklist (starred review)

“Wrapped up with a zinger of a twist, the suspenseful tale moves rapidly and finishes on a satisfying note. In other words, it’s got lots of imagination, plenty of excitement, and a pinch of truth.”

“Full of genuine feeling–and gripping, too–this book about a friendship between two women announces that Leah Stewart is a marvelous writer.”
—Ann Packer, author of The Dive from Clausen’s Pier